Black Concrete - Basalt

DIALLO BTP LOGISTIQUE offers you the sale of concrete called Basalt or black concrete.

THE BASALTES also called black concrete is of volcanic origin igneous of black color.

Why use BASALTE concrete or black concrete for your constructions in Senegal?

Basalt concrete or black concrete is an integral part of our local resources, it is a raw material capable of producing resistance, durability, longevity and resilience without equal, it is the most used raw material during construction.

DIALLO BTP LOGISTIQUE offers you a black concrete (Basalt) of quality 8/16; 3/8 and 0.3 in powder.

What is the importance of BASALTIC concrete or black concrete in Senegal?

It is quite simply the most versatile construction material, BASALTIC concrete known as black concrete has a lifespan of several decades, unlike other construction materials. BASALTE concrete or black concrete is resistant to fire, wind, water and vibrations.

Why choose black concrete (basalt concrete) rather than another concrete in Senegal?

The BASALTIC concrete is one of the best concrete for the quality of your constructions for railways, highways, tracks, buildings etc... Black concrete is used for foundations, beams, bearing walls and during the construction of structural works.

What is the price of basalt concrete in Senegal? 

The price of basalt concrete is variable according to the periods of order as well as certain factors such as the quantity ordered the price is between 16.500 FCFA and 25.000 FCFA.

You will find at DIALLO BTP LOGISTIQUE the sale of basalt concrete at the best value for money.

To order basalt concrete (black concrete) please select the quantity and specify the city of destination then validate your order. Our sales department remains at your disposal for any further information.

Basalt Concrete 0/3 - 1m3

18 000.00 FCFA

Sale of Black Concrete BASALTE 0/3 - 1m3. Price excluding transport costs which depends on the delivery address.

Basalt Concrete 3/8 - 1M3

18 500.00 FCFA

Sale of BASALTE Black Concrete 3/8 - 1m3. Tariff excluding transport costs which depend on the delivery address.

basalt concrete 8/16 - 1m3

18 500.00 FCFA

Sale of BASALTE Black Concrete 8/16 or 3/8 1m3. Tariff excluding transport costs which depend on the delivery address.

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